Verdens Beste Pappa // World's Greatest Dad


'Verdens Beste Pappa' is a short film based on a theater play written by Sam Pink to be directed by Jannicke in the winter of 2015 if the appropriate funding is in place. 'Verdens Beste Pappa' is a short sci-fi / surrealistic poetic tale about three abusive policemen who find Worlds Greatest Dad in a rather sorry state. What happens when they find him is what will be depicted in the short film. The film will be shot in Sweden and acted in swedish. Photographer of the film is Martin Gärdemalm and actors are Sara Engström, Jon Gavelin, Ivan Wahren and Torbjörn Alström. 

 If you click the image above you will find the moodboard of the film and if you click the play-button you will hear the soundtrack created by the writer himself via his band Depressed Woman.