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Kontakt (2013)


Kontakt (2013) is the second short black comedy written and directed by Jannicke. It was her final exam film from Nordland College of Art and Film. It consists of 4 episodes that intertwines eachother. The main character in the movie is a person dressed up as a tree.

The film started out as an idea consisting of three images (spoiler);


1. a person dressed up as a tree hiding and watching depressed kids (in gorgeous nature outside of a green school in Henningsvær, Lofoten) playing football very unenthusiastically.

2. The treeperson walking past a hedge (a moving treetop over a hedge standing still) and

3. a group of criminals unable to rob a bank ending up in a petty quarrel in stead of a robbery (being watched by the same treeperson).


Later, the depressed kids disappeared from the script, there were no hedges to be found in Lofoten and the little bank in the small Lofoten-town Bøstad did not want to be the location for a robbery - but the spirit of these images remained and what is left is Kontakt, an absurd quirky tale of alienated people in alienating surroundings having a confusing time trying to relate to eachother and their own set of emotions.

Screening history:
* Concorto Film Festival Piacenza, Italy, August 2014
* Nordic Short & Doc Festival Nordisk Panorama, Malmö, Sweden, September 2014
* Les Enfants Terribles Festival
Huy, Belgium, October, 2014. *Brussels Short Film Festival, Belgium, April 2015
* Nordisk Panorama in Beograd, June 2015.

* Saga Film Festival, Stockholm, August 2015


If you want to see the film, send a mail to receive the password.

The film has english and italian subtitles and exists in a DCP format that can be shipped or uploaded via FCP.

Poster design by Håkon Pagander