Ikke tenk på det engang (2013)


'Don't even think about it' is a short black comedy about a man named Trond-Søren and his meeting with the police officers Rhode and Bjarne that gives him a whole new perspective on what life has to offer.

Screening history;

* Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival - Germany 2013
* Umeå International Short Film Festival - Sweden, 2013
* Kort på KinoKino - Norway, 2013
* Byron Bay International Film Festival - Australia. 2014.

* Brüssels Short Film Festival - Belgium. 2014.

* Kurzfilmnacht Tour - 23 cities in Switzerland. 2015.


'Don't even think about it' has english, german, french and flemish subtitles and exists in many formats including a DCP that can be shipped or uploaded to an FTP-server. 


Original score by Henrik Skram

Poster design by Alisa Wimmer