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Ekki Múkk (2012)


Ekki Múkk is a music video made for the Sigur Rós music video competition for the Valtari album in 2012. 


These images started out as a dream consisting of macro images where physical abuse turned into signs of affection. The dream also consisted of propinquity and rainbow coloured waterfalls running from mouths. What was translatable of the dream ended up in this film.

To make this film we climbed up a mountain and walked over an ice cold lake wearing dresses and carrying equipment. After we climbed down we saw a lone dolphin (nise) jumping in the water. A 'behind the scenes'-film depicting our journey up and down the magic mountain is in the making. 

DOP - Martin Gärdemalm
Second Unit Photography - Liv Joelle Barbosa Blad

Assistant and behind-the-scenes filming - Catrine Gormsen
Actors - Sunniva Eir Tangvik Kveum and Jannicke Stendal Hansen

Dresses by Rick Owens, Jewellery by BJÖRG