Working title; 9 - Eyes // Down the rabbit hole


9 - Eyes is a short film set in Eggum in Lofoten. The film will be made during the summer of 2015 if the appropriate funding is in place. The film is an all-in-one take shot where the main character / camera is the eyes of a robotic, self-driven Google Earth car. The film will depict all the things the Google Earth car encounters on its ride through the landscape. The sorry, clumpsy, weird and absurd things that happen and also what happens when the characters realize that what they just did will be broadcasted on the internet forever. The manuscript is written by Jannicke Stendal Hansen, but based on real events depicted on Google Earth Street View images on the web. 

The characters in this film will be characters that also have been in Jannickes previous black comedies; 'Kontakt' and 'Ikke tenk på det engang', and in this way it will be the end of the Lofoten 'black comedy'-trilogy. Photography by Sondre Sandbakken. Cast; Hedda Kristine Bremseth, Rune Iversen, Agnete Tangrand, Nils Uutsi, Rasmus Even Hol Skjegstad, Lars Morten Elstad Rehnlund, Jostein Hallstensen, Pia-Louise Edvardsen, Jan Bull and many others.